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The Clarity of the Gospel in Mercy Ministry

In doing compassion work, speaking to those who may not know our Lord, or communicating with our brother in Christ we must be mindful that we do not complicate the issue.

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I Was Scared to Share the Gospel

Through the training, God has given me a confidence and boldness I’ve never claimed before, and it is all because HE LIVES and LOVES through me.

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Finding Time to Share Christ with a Busy Schedule

Finding opportunities to cultivate relationships with unbelievers and tell them about our Savior can be a challenge. How do we impact the lost for Christ in the midst of a busy schedule?

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The Bible is 66 books. The gospel is 10 words - Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.–Dr. Larry Moyer

Your ACT training strengthened my faith and helped to remove much of my fears to witness. With God's help, even I can share the gospel.–Carl Stigdon

Hard times are good times for the gospel.–Dr. Larry Moyer

The only thing you can take to heaven is a friend.–Dr. Larry Moyer