During the Christmas season, non-Christians seem to be more God-minded than at any other time of the year. Some are reminded of religious childhood traditions. Others dread the holidays because it reminds them of the emptiness of life. Still, others dread the holiday season because it is their first one without a mate, family member, best friend, or close neighbor. Such losses evaporate the joy of the holiday season. All of these can cause non-Christians to be more approachable about spiritual things.

How do we maximize the holiday season so it counts for eternity?

  1. Think people, not things. Christ died for people. So, make your emphasis people, not things. Don’t worry about missing a sale. Concentrate on spending time with people. It’s fine to decorate your house but keep everything in balance. Is decorating your house taking too much time from people who need your attention a lot more than your house does?
  2. Think about non-Christians. Now progress a step further. While focusing on people rather than things, put non-Christians at the top of your list. Remember how Christ explained His coming in Luke 19:10: “for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”
  3. Think hope for non-Christians. As you think about people and particularly focus on non-Christians, remember what Christ is all about: hope. As you concentrate on non-Christians you know, ask God for opportunities to present a clear gospel—one that offers eternal hope. People you see daily might be waiting for that hope: a friend who is having trouble making ends meet or co-workers who have told you that they wish there was something more than a nine-to-five job. Sometimes traumatic events may trigger the realization that they need hope: a divorce, a death, or a diagnosis of a life-changing health problem. No matter what the circumstances, Christ offers the answer of hope.

Relax and enjoy getting to know your friends, neighbors, and co-workers during the Christmas season. God will give you opportunities to share the good news.