Think of ten believers you know who consistently seek opportunities to share the gospel. Follow them for a month. What do they have in common? Each one uses a basic method to present the gospel.


You ask, “Won’t a method make me too robotic?”


On the contrary, a consistent method will make you a better evangelist. Consider these four advantages of mastering a method (such as EvanTell’s “Bad News/Good News” method).

  1. A method turns cowardice into confidence. As the conversation turns to spiritual things, you already know the three elements of a clear gospel presentation—sin, substitution, and faith. Nervousness and anxiety may still be there, but confidence in your method will help you conquer your fears.
  2. A method allows you to focus completely on the person in front of you. Instead of worrying about what you are going to say next, you can listen attentively. The emotions they exhibit and the body language they use give clues to help you connect. Now you can tailor the illustrations or stories in your method specifically toward them because you know their specific concerns and questions. Another advantage is that you are more apt to convey to the unbeliever that you truly care. If the evangelist comes across as cold and impersonal, the problem is the presenter, not the presentation.
  3. A method keeps you on target. You’ll find yourself presenting the simple gospel message instead of the entire Bible! The conversation will point to Christ and the cross instead of secondary issues that may derail the conversation.
  4. A method enables you to pray as you share the gospel. As you audibly speak to the unbeliever, you can silently talk to God. Your mind is at liberty to pray as you talk and talk as you pray. Ask God to help you be clear and to give them understanding. Ask Him to soften their hearts, open their minds, and bring about conviction (John 16:7–11). Prayer is essential for success in evangelism. And remember —you can only bring Christ to the lost; you can’t bring the lost to Christ.

Do you want to regularly present Christ to others? Master a method! Having a method doesn’t make you a dull. It has just the opposite effect—you’ll become an enthusiastic evangelist!

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