Our popular CrossTalk App features an interactive gospel presentation with touch activated animation and clear and simple illustrations. It’s a fun and creative way to share the gospel through your smart phone or tablet!

The app is currently available in English or Spanish. To access the Spanish version, simply set your phone to the Spanish language in settings.

Situations of course vary, but here are five suggestions:

  1. Choose a time to sit down and go through it together with your family — As busy parents, it’s easy to use an app as a make-shift babysitter when you just need some time to make dinner, take a shower, or take a breath. Take a moment to carve time out of your schedule to enjoy the app with your children. Read the text, push the buttons (my children love the heart button the most), and talk about it.
  2. Install the CrossTalk on your Church’s applicable devices — Sunday school teachers can utilize an iPad to go through the app with their kids. Larger classes or VBS programs may find it helpful to connect the iPad to a monitor.
  3. Incorporate the app into your church’s volunteer training program — Every children’s worker in your church should have some type of training on how to share their faith with children. This might be as simple as instructions on utilizing a gospel tract or using an object lesson in the curriculum. It might mean taking EvanTell’s online Seedlings training. Another option is showcasing this app during a children’s ministry meeting with your volunteers. Encourage people to download it to their smart phones as you go over it on a big screen, and then have your volunteers do a practice session with one another.
  4. Don’t limit the app to children’s ministries — Both children and adults benefit from the interactive graphics. We’ve seen the app used effectively in a variety of settings, including: nursing homes, school programs, ministries to people with disabilities, or simply with those who find reading large amounts of text unappealing or difficult to read.
  5. Encourage friends to download the app — Do you know a child or family who’s interested in spiritual things? Tell them about the CrossTalk app. It’s free and easy to download. Recommend the app to your friends, acquaintances, or really anyone who loves to utilize apps.

What ideas would you add? Comment below.

Get the CrossTalk app on Google Play or download on the Apple Store: