Churches tend to see an influx of people for their Easter services, so it’s a great time to sharpen your evangelism skills.

We’ve written a lot about Easter over the years, but here are some of our favorites from the archives:

4 Ways to Prepare Your Church for Easter Sunday—A  few things to keep in mind as you make your last-minute preparations.

A Family Devotional Guide for Easter—a simple Easter devotion you can do with your family; includes an optional pdf for download.

It is Finished: Our Debt is Paid in Full—On the cross, Jesus Christ did not make a “down payment” for our sins. He made the full payment. We are not accepted by God on the basis of Christ plus our good life, baptism, or religious efforts. We are accepted by God on the basis of Christ period.

What Does the Resurrection Prove?— The resurrection is a pivotal point in Christian history. This central element unifies the Christian Church. Why is that resurrection so important?

Two Words that Make a Difference—Read an exert from Larry Moyer’s book 101 Tips for Evangelism on two important words that are often overlooked in gospel conversations: “for us.”

Use a Letter to Follow Up with Easter Visitors—You don’t need to be a pastor or staff member. Often, volunteers reach visitors in ways that church staff can’t. Why? Volunteers have often already interacted with visitors (as a Sunday School teacher, greeter, etc.) and may come across as less intimidating than a pastor. So, if it’s available, get their contact information and let them know you are glad they came! Read a few tips on what to say in “Use a Letter to Follow Up with Easter Visitors.”