If you want to see people amazed by God, let them be amazed by God through your life.


Joseph is a case in point; check out his life and character as it unfolds in Genesis 39 and 40. He was a faithful laborer in difficult circumstances. He resisted temptation so that his master’s immoral mistress could not seduce him. He conducted himself with integrity as a keeper of the prison, and he won the favor of his supervisor. He did not seek revenge when confronted with false accusations and unjust punishment. Sudden prosperity did not trip him up. He walked through each day in dependence on God.


Note Pharaoh’s words in Genesis 41:38, “Can we find such a one as this?” Pharaoh acknowledged Joseph as exceptionally wise. God’s power flowed through Joseph’s life. Pharaoh was so impressed with Joseph that he made him ruler over all of Egypt and gave Joseph such authority that only Pharaoh was above him.


You do not need the particular talents or giftedness of a Joseph for those who watch you to say, “Can we find anyone like this?”


Perhaps they are referring to your integrity or dependability. They may be referring to your good work ethic or to the quality of what you do and the spirit with which it is done. Your positive attitude in the face of difficulty may impress them.


Those who know you might be influenced by the way you handle adverse circumstances or irritable people. Others could observe you and say, “You are amazing.” Your daily life and how you handle both difficult circumstances and blessings can build a platform for the people around you to be amazed with Him.


What are three areas of your life that could cause people to say, “Can we find anyone like this?” Ask God to make you the kind of person that amazes people in such a way that they become amazed by Christ.

Editor's Note: This post was adapted from articles in 31 Days to Walking with God in the Workplace and The Evangelism Study Bible.

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