EvanTell’s 2016 annual luncheon took place on Thursday, April 21st with a focus on “Sharing Hope with a Broken World.”

Our featured emcee was Norm Hitzges, Sports Talk Show host on The Ticket, and former Major League Baseball player Darryl Strawberry, who talked about how his hope in Christ has made all the difference.

Norm shared how Larry led him to Christ in the early 80's: "So many of you remember the exact date you found the Lord. I can remember the circumstances. I honestly cannot remember the date. Larry thinks it was 1984. I think it may have been 1982 or 1983. But you know what. It doesn’t matter when it happened; it matters that it happened." He spent the next few minutes interviewing Larry about the ministry of EvanTell.

Before Darryl got up to speak, Norm introduced him, saying: "It is now my honor to introduce to you two men. One is a man you probably think you know and the other is a man you may not know. And they are both named Darryl Strawberry.”

Darryl spent about 30 minutes focusing on how God intervened in his destructive life and closed with a humble prayer: "...Thank you for allowing me to speak of your restoration power. No man can do what you do...."

If you missed the luncheon or simply want to rewatch part of it, visit our Annual Luncheon 2016 video page.