EvanTell has the privilege of partnering with Prayer Power Ministries “to help God’s people learn to pray.” Our partnership is a natural fit for EvanTell as prayer is vital to sharing and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer is more than bringing a laundry list of requests to God for Him to answer. Prayer is a continual process in which we demonstrate our dependence on the Lord and communicate with Him.

The supreme example of our dependence is in evangelism, communicating the gospel and inviting people to trust Christ. Here is a brief list of ways we are dependent on Him when we share the gospel:

God’s Perspective – We are dependent on the Lord to enable us to view people through His eyes. This means that as we draw close to Him in prayer, His viewpoint becomes ours. This includes the ability to look past someone’s background, baggage, and dysfunction to view them as He views them, a person in desperate need of a Savior and a relationship with Him.

God’s Power – If we think we have all it takes to reach unbelievers for Christ, we have set ourselves up for failure. Regardless of how much training we have had, how clearly we can present the gospel, how fast our mind thinks, and how well we can answer questions and objections, it is not enough. We must step forth in faith and prayer in every situation relying on Him to do something that only He can do—bring people to Christ.

God’s Protection – We must rely upon Christ to protect us in any dangerous situations. Satan will do all He can to hinder the message and the messenger. This includes propagating the fear we all face in evangelism. Dependency on Christ and His Spirit working through us gives us courage that overcomes fear.

God’s perspective, power, and protection are essential to our work on the “front lines” of outreach and emphasize the need for continual prayer and dependence on God. Please stay tuned for our next post that details how these three areas come into play in the context of Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout the U. S. and the world and why prayer is so vital to the work of these centers.