On Thursday, April 26th EvanTell celebrated 45 years of ministry with a gathering of approximately 500 friends and ministry partners.

During the event, we welcomed Dr. James Emery White as our keynote speaker (you can watch the video above).

Here are 10 memorable quotes from Dr. White’s talk:

  • “To know the signs of the time is more than headlines and tweets. It’s knowing what is significant among the happenings of our world. In terms of movements and trends and ideologies, and currents and world views. It’s knowing what is shaping us and forming us and molding us.”
  • “Knowing the signs of the times and from that how to then live has to be the most pressing challenge facing any life and certainly any ministry and particularly now.”
  • “The heart of the secular religion is a functional atheism. Rather than rejecting the idea of God, our culture simply ignores him.”
  • “The stunning rise of the nones throughout the west is real. It cannot be ignored. And that nothingness that they are embracing is what is shaping our world most profoundly.”
  • “I could tell you there is actually 6 different living generations right now in the United States but I don’t want to add to your stress. Start paying attention to Generation Z.”
  • “Generation Z is arguably the first generation in the United States that will have been raised in a post-Christian context and as a result they are the first truly post-Christian generation.”
  • “Let me ask you a question: What is the most important, strategic life-changing thing you could ever do for another human being?”
  • “What makes the maximum impact on another human’s life is when you are involved with bringing about the intersection of their life with the living God through Christ in such a way that the entire trajectory of their eternity is altered.”
  • “If you have any doubts about the passion of Jesus, just remember the last moments of his life. Hanging on the cross in excruciating pain, bleeding to death, suffocating to death, what was he doing with those last precious moments? He was working to save one more. Even then. Don’t tell me this isn’t the heart of God.”
  • “How do you change the world? Win it. Win it. And I don’t know of anything that’s more raw and unfiltered and pulsating with energy and laser sharp focused on that than what we are celebrating here tonight. It is my honor to be here and say thank you and to say to all of us here now get behind these guys. Get behind these. I don’t know of anything or any organization that is doing what they are doing. I just don’t. And I get around. So, let’s give them a hand.”