EvanTell partners with church networks around the world, some serving in countries where evangelism is forbidden by the governing authorities. Others serve in corrupt areas of the world with coercion and/or political upheaval. These partners demonstrate how believers are sharing the gospel in the midst of persecution. As you read the summaries, please take time to lift our partners up in prayer.

Central America

For the past three years, San Pedro Sula—known for its drugs and gang violence—has ranked at the top of the list of the world’s most dangerous cities (outside of war zones).

Josue lives in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Only people who live in that area may safely visit and nobody from his church congregation dares to enter.

But Josue believes this is where God has called him. As a missionary to his community, Josue led over 30 people to Christ after taking EvanTell training from one of our Master Certified Instructors.

Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, God is at work in one of the few totalitarian countries in the world. For years, the government had tried to remove all forms of religious expression. However, the Lord’s work flourished. Now, because of the integrity and witness of church leaders, the government is turning to the church for help with some major projects addressing physical needs such as clean water. EvanTell is now partnering with one of the largest denominations in this country to help provide water filtration to meet physical needs while at the same time meeting spiritual needs through the gospel. 

South Central Asia

In another totalitarian country in South Central Asia, EvanTell partners with a wide network of churches. Several years ago, church leaders recognized the need for a school where current and future church leaders could be trained. Because of the government’s commitment to keep out Christianity, this seemed like an impossibility. However, God made available a parcel of land in a demilitarized zone on the border where the government could not interfere. Now that school has trained hundreds of leaders in evangelism and church growth by conversion. 

Because of the large number of people trusting Christ as a result of the partnership, Bibles are in huge demand. EvanTell has been invited to help provide Bibles to new believers in the surrounding areas to help them grow in their faith and witness for Christ.

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