Today is EvanTell’s 44th birthday. It does not seem possible! God has grown this ministry into an international organization reaching over five people every minute with the gospel. When I think about how God has used EvanTell, I can only praise Him!

From day one back in 1973, we knew that prayer had to be the jugular vein behind this ministry for two primary reasons.

First, we know that our efforts alone will fall short. Consider Christ’s words , “...for without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

EvanTell is not a story of us as humans working through God, but instead God working through us! We are only the instruments; He is the power. We have consistently asked God to use our meager efforts and bring people to Christ through His power. Everything that happened, every door of opportunity that opened, and every single person who has come to Christ is a testimony to His greatness.

Second, we know that we’re always on the front lines in evangelism. Satan will do everything he possibly can to deter, distract, or destroy God’s message reaching people. Temptations and evil forces are at work all along the way in the work of evangelism. That is why prayer has been and always will be so critical. It’s important to remember, “… He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).  

At EvanTell, we come to God in prayer, asking Him to thwart everything Satan tries to use to hinder our outreach. As we have sought God’s help in prayer, we have experienced victory upon victory.

We are convinced by God’s grace that the best is yet to come. We are thrilled at what God has done in the past 44 years but even more excited about what lies ahead. What has been the key to the past 44 years will continue to be the key for the future: prayer—all day and every day.