Our recent campaign season has lasted over a year and included debates, town hall meetings, and campaign ads. The candidates cast their opponents in the worst possible light, as well as forecasted doom and gloom if their opponent were elected. Regardless, a new president will be inaugurated come January and a new administration will be in place.

Regardless of the results, how should believers respond? 

First, don’t get distracted. It is very tempting after a major change to gravitate toward fear. However, no matter the political circumstances, God is still on His throne: “For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations” (Ps. 22:28). The work that He has done, is doing, and will do is not dependent on who is elected. His agenda will prevail. Therefore, if we are His servants, our primary thoughts should be, “God, how do you want to use me?,” “Who do you want me to reach for you?,” and “Here am I, send me!” No matter how unsettled our world may get, the light of the gospel still burns bright and often burns brightest in uncertain times.

Second, examine your witness. A negative attitude based upon who is in office can diminish our witness. In our conversations, are we focused more on politics or on Christ? Anytime a believer, church, or denomination is known more for anything other than Jesus Christ, there is a major problem. That includes political issues, opinions, and agendas. We ought to be more known for who we are for—the Lord Jesus Christ—than what we are against.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you more willing to share the gospel or your political opinions in your conversations, emails you forward, or social media items you post and share?
  • Do you pray for your government leaders more than you complain about them?
  • When you receive a political email, do you check the facts before forwarding it?
  • Have you limited your sphere of influence for the gospel by not associating with people who hold political opinions that are different than yours?

In this season of political transition, let’s remember to keep the focus on the One who is in control and use this time to point people to the Lord Jesus.