Revelation 11:3–14 tells the story of how God uses two witnesses to proclaim His message during a period many scholars believe is a coming time of tribulation. Though this story occurs in the future, we can still glean insights from their upcoming ministry to enhance our own outreach right now.

God provides the power – Revelation 11:3 makes it clear that God provides the power for the two witnesses to accomplish the mission and deliver the message that the Lord entrusts to them. He also provides the power for us to bear witness to Him wherever He calls us (Acts 1:8). What a blessing to know that the supernatural power needed to open and change hearts comes not from us, but from Him.

There will be opposition – Just as the two witnesses experienced opposition to their message, so we will face resistance and persecution as well as we share the message of the gospel. It is interesting to note that the Lord did not remove the opposition, but empowered them to continue their ministry in the face of adversity. What a great lesson for us. We should not shut down our outreach efforts when we experience resistance, but continue to pursue opportunities. We are ultimately accountable not to man, but to God, and He will provide what is needed for us to move forward in His mission.

The end justifies the effort – While the ministry of the two witnesses lead them to give up their lives to deliver God’s message, in the end God’s purpose prevailed and they joined Him in heaven. While seeking to share Christ, it is important to have an “eternal perspective,” knowing that one day we will see God face to face in heaven. What matters then should matter now, including our obedience to Him in proclaiming the gospel message. Live in such a way that His glory, His honor, and His story is preeminent in every area of your life.