If you've ever held an event where the gospel is presented, plan to do so, or have participated in one, you should know the importance of having an effective follow-up plan for those who respond positively. Once people have put their trust in Christ you don’t want to just leave them to fend for themselves, but should have an intentional plan for helping them get started in their spiritual growth.

It All Begins with the Churches

First of all, the basic strategy begins with the local church. If it’s a community event, as many churches as possible should provide volunteers willing to serve as “counselors.” These lay leaders will need to be trained and equipped to clearly review the gospel—presenting the plan of salvation as necessary, gather personal information, and ensure the ball gets rolling for church connections. In the coming days and weeks, these same local churches will need to be proactive and take responsibility for inviting the new believers into their fellowship.

Immediately Give New Believers a Resource

The key factor to effective follow-up is people. Nevertheless, you can immediately put something in their hands that they can take home and read. For example, the booklet “How to Grow as a Christ Follower” is an excellent resource for a brand new Christian. It’s short and packed with great info about the gospel, the bible, prayer, church, and other salient points regarding the Christian life. All of this is in a small, easy to read format.

Host a Study for New Christians

As a next step, hosting a class for new believers covering general ideas about Christian doctrine and theology is essential. Study programs such as “Welcome to the Family,” and the second installment “Growing in the Family,” are great resources to help you do this.

Be Intentional and Strategic—For His Kingdom, Not Ours

With intentional strategy, a clear plan in place, and strong church leadership, follow-up to an evangelistic event can be a pleasure! It’s very encouraging to see churches in a community grow together by conversion. It’s even more exciting to see the body of Christ all working together for His Kingdom!