Jesus knew that prayer was the most powerful force in the world! Surrounded by people day after day, teaching, healing, facing those who hated him, tired, focused on others, listening to the Father – He prayed! He who was God and man prayed fervently, with intent, in solitude and in the company of others, and for Himself. He taught us to pray by His example and His words, in the joys, daily toil, and sorrows of life (Matt. 5:44, 6:5, 6:9-15, 17:14 – 21, 26:36-44).

Sharing God’s Passion

Jesus loves the little children!  Save the Mother, Save her Child is a ministry of EvanTell focused on training and equipping Christ-followers who serve in over 700 pregnancy help center locations in the U.S. and overseas. The staff and volunteers of these centers share the gospel and help those who are in need and are making difficult life decisions. Thousands of these “missionaries down the street” face on-going challenges of the culture as they help people facing unexpected pregnancy.  They need the power of prayer every single day! One leader said:

“Pray! We’re adding our new mobile unit. We’ll be parking it in very tough neighborhoods in Memphis!  Pray for safety. Pray that the people will come! Pray for success with the gospel and for life!”

Trusting the Lord’s Provision

Here are some examples of the type of prayer requests that prompted us to seek a long-term partner who could help SMSC center leaders build the foundation of prayer that they need to serve the clients and patients that the Lord sends to them for help. They need help to stand strong in the face of spiritual warfare, too!

“Please pray. “D” is 17 years old in her 9th week.  She has not told her parents that she is pregnant and is afraid of what they will say.  Her boyfriend is not committed to her or the baby. Please pray for God’s mercy that the parents will help her. She wants to carry her baby to term. She is open to adoption.”

“Prayers needed. Our counselors need prayer today. We are short-handed from the flu and have many clients.”

“The amount of trafficking is bad in our city. Pray for God’s intervention to save those in bondage.”

 “Pray for more counselors and mentors for these new dads! They like the gospel booklets with the red cars and the motorcycles on the front.”

“We have to move! Our building flooded! Pray for the Lord to provide – we know He will do it!”

Seeking the Lord’s Prayer Partnership

In 2013, we looked at the limitless need for prayer in our over 700 pregnancy center partners in SMSC, and went looking for His partner to provide the support in equipping SMSC centers for prayer! We needed a partner who could serve the centers, the churches that supported them, the intercessors who pray for them – thousands of people who wanted more skill and equipping for fervent prayer.

Most had little training for praying as Jesus prayed.  Discipleship in prayer is often a weakness in the church. So we asked the Lord for a partner, and He sent us PrayerPower Ministries, the work of God and Kaye and Jim Johns. Kaye and Jim have been working with us for over two years to create an extraordinary website for training people who serve in mercy ministry. Save the Mother, Save her Child now has a custom-built website, training courses, prayer guides, and guidance for intercessors!

Stay tuned! I’ll discuss more about our exciting partnership on Friday.