Movies focusing on the resurrection of Christ ironically seem to be on the rise. Risen hit theatres in February and The Young Messiah on March 10th.

The purpose in the timing seems clear. Easter and Christmas are the two times when unbelievers become most attuned to spiritual issues. More importantly, these movies and the conversations generated cause us to come face-to-face with the most important question: Who is the Messiah? Has He come or is He still in the future?

There certainly has not been a lack of potentials. Depending on whose account you read, more than 60 people have walked the earth claiming to be the Messiah. But who is the real one? To quote To Tell the Truth’s famous line, we might even ask, “Will the real Messiah please stand up.”

It all stands or falls on one thing—the resurrection! How can you trust a “Messiah” to raise you from the grave if He has not raised Himself from the grave? Furthermore, how can a “messiah” claim to be God Almighty if he has not conquered the grave?

When studying the person of Christ, we must not end with the resurrection as the finale of His story, but instead start with it. An agnostic once said, “Let’s not talk about the other miracles; let’s talk about the resurrection. If the resurrection is true, every other miracle Christ did is true. If the resurrection is not true, no other miracle matters.” He is absolutely correct.

So with these movies’ emphasis on the resurrection, plow into the discussion. Encourage any and all to study the resurrection as it relates to Jesus Christ. No one we know of has ever done that with objectivity and not come to Christ. The resurrection proves He alone is the Messiah!

But don’t stop there. Encourage the seekers to take the almost 300 prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament and lay them alongside of Christ or anyone for that matter who claimed or claims to be the Messiah. The proof is evident.

Considering the resurrection and fulfilled prophecies, there is no need to clam up, but every reason to speak up.  We can shout with excitement that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, believed not only though faith but also fact. 

(Note: This post was co-authored by Hannah Crocker and Larry Moyer.)