“I hate my job.”

“The sooner I am out of here, the better.”

“I can't wait till Thanksgiving break.”

Have you ever made statements like these? Your feelings may be justifiable. But have you ever imagined that something good might come out of your bad situation?

Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave. They were likely convinced he was dead, and then they discovered that he held their lives in his hands. Their reaction showed their fear that Jacob would take revenge.

Against all natural expectations, Joseph responded with kindness. In spite of his brothers’ hateful actions, God had provided a way to preserve his father’s family and the line of Israel. Famine had devastated the land for two years and would continue for another five years. God, in His sovereignty, raised up Joseph to become second-in-command over all Egypt. Through Joseph’s wise administration, Joseph preserved the lives of all those in Egypt and those of his own household. Something good came out of something evil.

Your circumstances may not be the best, but God always can bring something good out of something bad. He might use your consistent Christian living in the midst of adverse circumstances to influence an unbeliever for Christ. Maybe a relationship you build will lead to a future opportunity for evangelism.

Prayer Point:

Which do you concentrate on the most—asking God to get you out of difficult circumstances, or trusting Him to bring about His ultimate good in your life and in the lives of others? Ask God to help you look for good things that can happen in adverse circumstances. Now ask Him to help you concentrate on the good rather than the bad.

(Adapted from a devotional in The Evangelism Study Bible and  31 Days to Walking with God in the Workplace)