Twelve years ago, a married co-worker invited all of us single ladies over for dinner, and I still remember what we ate—alfredo. I also remember sharing popsicles on sweltering grocery trips and how competitive certain families were over a simple Settlers of Catan game. Fondest of memories!

The truth is, I’m a huge fan of intergenerational living—people at different stages of life figuring out how to do life together…whether that’s over a meal, a shopping trip, or helping your married friends put their kids to bed.

But is my experience the norm for others? And further, why does it often seem like churches cater more toward families than singles?

A 2014 article in the Washington Post indicates that there are now more single adults than married ones in America!

Considering this, how should believers respond? The church in America has a divine opportunity to respond to this large demographic with the gospel--a message that is for all people: whether married or unmarried, with no kids or ten kids.

This week we’re taking a deeper look at singlehood. I’ve asked several of my single friends and contacts for their thoughts on the subject, so I hope you’ll stick around.

Know about a church doing a great job at intergenerational living? Comment below. We’d love to hear about it!