Not all of us gravitate toward evangelism naturally, but we can still share the gospel using the gift(s) we have been given. Let’s think about it...

Do you have the gift of hospitality?

Great! A college librarian I know brews the best coffee on campus. Faculty and staff return books at "coffee time," to sip Kona or Sumatra and munch a homemade cookie. She loves visiting with each person, just sharing life with them. God knows she is prepared to share the gospel when the time is right. She gets frequent opportunities because she prays for them.

Maybe you have the gift of encouragement. 

You'll be a natural at sharing the gospel if you just think of the joy, the confidence, the support, and the promise of heaven that your friend can receive from a growing relationship with Christ. 

  • Make encouragement a habit. 
  • Tell your family and friends how much God loves them no matter what mistakes they've made. 
  • Be ready to share the gospel with those who are weary and worn—remind them of the One who has invited all the weary ones to come to Him for rest. 
  • Tell them the simple gospel so they will know the way.

Is your gift administration? 

We do have an orderly God, don't we? Talk about Him and His great plan for us. You can see better than many how God brings order out of chaos when we are members of His family. You often see the chaos of the lost. You can gently show them the gospel, the perfect plan.

What do these folks have in common? 

  • They love their friends. 
  • They love their Lord. 
  • They know the way to eternal life and they've learned how to share the gospel through the gifts God gave them. 

You can learn it too.

How could you use your spiritual gift to share the gospel?