Armando Zuniga

Master Certified Instructor
Armando Zuniga

Armando Zuniga has taught over 150 evangelism seminars in the Unites States, Mexico, Central America, Europe and Asia. He has activated believers for the spiritual harvest in both English and Spanish speaking cultures. He has trained pastors, leaders and lay people. Armando was a business owner for 15 years, has been a conference speaker for the last 10, and is currently pastoring a church in the city of Plano, TX. He currently teaches the evangelism class at Dallas Theological Seminary in Spanish. Armando has a Masters of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries from Dallas Theological Seminary. His primary roles as a master Instructor at EvanTell is to motivate individuals in local churches, Bible Institutes and parachurch organizations to fulfill the great commission by teaching them a clear and simple way of sharing their faith.


He was born near Mexico City, raised by grandparents until he was 6, at the age of 20 he moved to the United States where he has lived for over 27 years. His particular background and upbringing has compelled him to bring the hope of the gospel to many in his country of birth and other parts of the world.


Armando is married to his lovely wife Sharone and the joy of their lives is a 14-year-old precious daughter by the name of Natalia.



  • Pastors
  • Missions


  • Outreaches
  • Leadership Consultation and Training
  • Church Growth by Conversion
  • Church Planting


  • Master’s Level Lecturer


  • Training and Outreach in English or Spanish
  • Multicultural Ministry