(Picture NoteBack L to R: Danny, Allison, & Caroline; Front L to R: Mary Margaret, Sarah, and Holly; not pictured: Larry, David, & Paul) 

108 years! That's how much combined time our current staff has invested in passionate service with EvanTell—all so that more people can hear the good news of Jesus Christ. 

When asked why they love serving, one of the overwhelming responses was the opportunity to see lives changed through people emboldened to share their faith.

For example:

  • One of our Certified Evangelism Instructors recently trained and equipped over 100 key ministry leaders in Southeast Asia.
  • A new volunteer in a Pregnancy Resource Center used EvanTell training to lead two men to Christ on his second day.
  • After a pastor from South Carolina read part of our "May I Ask You a Question" tract to his congregation, four people come forward to trust Christ.

For almost 45 years, EvanTell has empowered Christians worldwide to share their faith through training, outreaches, tools, and resources that present the gospel in a clear, biblically accurate, and encouraging way.

But we don't do it alone! You play an integral role in EvanTell's ministry all around the world. We're so grateful for your continued prayers and support all year long, but especially during this critical fundraising season.

As 2017 comes to a close, would you consider a year-end gift to help EvanTell continue to proclaim a message of hope to the world in 2018?

Together we can take the gospel to the ends of the earth!