Crusades in Southeast Asia

This December EvanTell evangelists will be leading Christmas themed crusades throughout Southeast Asia. These outreaches typically reach anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 people in attendance each night. In addition, some events are televised online reaching an additional 50,000 people. Please pray for continued freedom for these crusades to take place and for the EvanTell trained follow-up counselors who make the gospel clear, distribute EvanTell tracts, and plug new believers into a local church.

Community Festivals in Burma

At Christmas, evangelical Christians have more freedom to share the gospel message in Burma. The authorities allow the churches EvanTell works with to conduct open air meetings with gospel presentations done through songs and skits. In addition, the believers share the gospel with children and adults one-on-one using EvanTell’s “CrossTalk” and “May I Ask You a Question?” tracts. Though over 80% of the country is literate, printed materials are rare, making these gospel tracts a sought-after commodity. Please pray for continued favor from the authorities and fruit from the outreach for this upcoming Christmas season.

Celebrations in Prisons

Several of EvanTell’s evangelists visit prisons and work camps during the Christmas season. They invite the whole prison—guards and all—to enjoy songs, skits, and testimonies that present the gospel. Each prison contains 300–500 prisoners. They provide everyone with a box of prepared food with EvanTell tracts on the top; or a bag of treats such as packets of tea or coffee, cookies, or other snacks with a tract inside. In addition, they dispense medicine, clothing, and other necessary items. Please pray for this powerful outreach to people who otherwise have no hope.