Again and again, believers say the same thing—fear keeps them from evangelism.

It may be fear of not knowing what to say, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid, or fear of pressure. But the point remains the same, giving in to fear limits our evangelism.

How can we be bolder? One way is through evangelism training.

Here’s what Cindy Nelson, a Bible study attendee, shared with her You Can Tell It! Instructor:

I have been reviewing my “You Can Tell It!” workbook and the resource materials you gave us. They all provide such clear, consistent instruction. Thank you for your willingness to teach us, for your courage in doing so, for your excellent preparation and presentation, and for hosting us to boot!

I’ve been thinking about why I’m uncomfortable opening up to non-believers and you nailed it when you said, “fear and simply not knowing how.” With anything and everything new we have an instruction manual, a course, directions, etc. to teach us. How much more important it is to know how to share something as eternally essential as knowing Christ. You have provided us with an invaluable, inspired set of tools that will give me skills where I previously had none. I have to remind myself that fear is normal and it’s not an excuse.

My gratitude is immense.