EvanTell trained instructor Steve Edwards is no stranger to passing out tracts. Last September he took a trip to New York City to engage with the massive crowds coming to see Pope Francis (see the picture of him above on the NYC streets). A few weeks ago he tried something new—he mingled with attendees at a Marco Rubio rally in downtown Dallas.

Steve took a pouch with at least 200 tracts down to Klyde Warren Park. He likes EvanTell’s “What Are You Depending on?” tracts the best.

“Anywhere there is a large number of people, to me that’s the dinner bell,” commented Steve.

Rubio showed up 45 minutes later than expected, so there were plenty of opportunities to interact with people.

In some cases, Steve simply walked up to a person and said, “Here is something to read while you are waiting.” In other situations, he was able to talk with them more in depth. A girl from a school paper asked why he was there, and he joined a political interview with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

“You kind of get a feel for it,” says Steve. “A lot of times their demeanor tells you how receptive a person is going to be, so you take it from there.”

When people exited, he held out the tracts with a smile and greated people with a friendly “Hello.” Some people would take them; others wouldn’t. When one person took one, it often caused a chain reaction with several people wanting one.

Steve had one main point he hoped came across: “We as citizens have a responsibility to vote our conscience based on our principles, but a more important concern is our eternal destiny, and there is no human person on earth that can we can trust in for that. Christ alone is who we trust in for our eternal destiny.”