Earlier this Fall, EvanTell sent Arabic and Farsi “May I Ask You a Question” tracts for Serbian refugees to Paul Meehan, one of our European instructors in Hungary.

Meehan reports, “We have distributed about 95% of the tracts. Many have heard and read about the gospel.”

Two of Meehan’s partners have been distributing, EvanTell tracts, Christian literature, and winter clothes to refugees at a main freeway stop just before the Croatian border. Busses filled with refugees often stop and wait for several hours to get the “go ahead” to proceed into Croatia.

Sometimes police restrict who may help the refugees waiting at checkpoints, but recently there has been a wide, open door for handing our tracts and necessities.

Meehan’s partner Steve Luibrand stated, “All the clothes were gone in about 10 minutes and most of the people who took some, got some literature too. We stayed for over an hour more and tried to talk to the people who approached us to look at or ask about the books.”

Despite the language  barrier, several refugees indicated gratitude at receiving literature in their own language. One man took a New Testament and kissed it. Another held a NT to his heart and smiled. Still another pointed to his heart and said “Jesus.”

 “I asked where he was from; he said he is from Iran. He pointed at the New Testament and tract and said this very good,” said Luibrand.  “I think that he is an Iranian Christian. We hear a lot about our brothers and sisters in Iran who are suffering for their faith and how the church is growing rapidly there amidst the persecution. Praise God, I think I met one of our brothers from there today.”

They’ve also met people who speak Arabic, Kurdish, Urdu, Turkish, Russian, and more. God is using this time of relocation strengthen believers and to bring  many to Himself.

“We need to keep our eyes focused on God’s truth; these are people, just like us, with the same needs and weaknesses as we have. We must love them, and see them as the people that Jesus died for,” said Luibrand. “We must very carefully consider the great events of our age and ask ourselves, are we understanding the times and reacting as Jesus wants us to.”

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