When Bev Dixon and her team crank up their ICU Mobile unit and hit the road in Detroit, the grace of God, clinical care, and the gospel are heading out to neighborhoods in need.  Families who walk into their big bus may face unexpected pregnancy, or a troubled pregnancy, or want verification of pregnancy. But one thing is for certain, millennials want personal attention and ICU Mobile provides it—right in their own neighborhoods.

Typical of mobile ministry pregnancy centers, ICU Mobile Detroit goes directly to the families who need the most help. When they want to “walk in,” friendly, competent people are there to help them. They provide the services that a faith-based pregnancy center offers anywhere, but on a much smaller and more intimate scale. 

They are parked in different places every day, serving people from different neighborhoods, who may be from many countries or backgrounds. For example, multi-language booklets provided by EvanTell have helped Dixon serve clients from Middle Eastern countries. The world has come to America, and ICU Mobile is going to their neighborhoods! Flexibility is the name of ICU Mobile’s name!

Four years ago, when ICU Mobile contacted SMSC for help with training and equipping people to share the gospel, we knew we needed to partner with them to “do it their way.” EvanTell is on mission with them to take the grace of God and the gospel to young families. The Lord expanded the gospel’s reach in every one of the 40 cities now covered by ICU Mobile units. 

Using our EvanTell tool “Create Your Three-Word Testimony,” each person who works on an SMSC-trained ICU Mobile pregnancy center unit learns to share his or her testimony with the gospel embedded in it!  Onboard are resources crafted to meet the needs of moms who may be undecided about their pregnancy, or who want to carry their baby, but fear poverty or abandonment. Sonograms are free and the staff are experts at helping find the practical, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources that these families need.

Because the staff of an ICU Mobile unit are transparent about their own life and testimony, the people who come to them for help can be transparent about their life, too!  Many people trust Christ as their relationship with people on the unit develops.  Because the folks who “run the bus” don’t take any money for the services they provide, the people who come begin to recognize that they are valued—people care about them and want to help them, not profit from them. Praise God for mobile ministry—reaching people where they live!