EvanTell’s Master Certified Instructor Armando recently journeyed to Romania to share his personal testimony and the hope of the gospel. He was able to use the Romanian May I Ask You a Question tract and the YCTI! Seminar materials in several orphanages.

Armando joined several missionaries and staff members who worked with children’s camps, as well as a team of US college students that had been working in Romania for the summer.

“It is not easy to share about a hurtful past,” said Armando. “But knowing the redeeming power of the cross, I knew that God had prepared this moment for these kids.”

Armando continued to share with us about his time with the orphans:

I began to tell my story; it was funny to be see them expressionless when I talked but then they would react to the translator’s words. I could see how many kids began look on the floor whenever they heard something that they identify with, be it abuse, beatings or abandonment.

I ended my talk always on a positive note, the purpose was to give them hope. I told them how today I have forgiven those that hurt me, that I have a relationship with my mother and father and all of that was possible because of my relationship with Christ. We then had a Q and A session where they ask me all kind of questions, the most common was how did I ever forgive those that hurt me and left me. Every time the kids would be so warm to me after the talk. Also, they demanded I play soccer with them. I got hugs from many of them, many of them would come to me and give me a small gift, a leaf, a wristband, a note they wrote, a bracelet. It was a small gesture but a great sign of their generosity. A few of them told me “we love you” some of the older kids wanted to know more about how I was able to overcome adversity which gave a chance to share about Christ.

We ended each day of camp by reading from the book of John and then I prayed for them and we sent them away. This was repeated over and over throughout the week in five different towns and in one Gypsy village. Every day was a different group, Thursday it was three groups.

 After sharing his story, Armando received several thank you notes from those whom he had met.

One Romanian volunteer wrote: 

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me in this week. Your story made me see different may things. I really understand now that Jesus died on the cross for my sin. I will never forget your story. It make(s) me want to change my life. Something interesting that I really want you to know is that you were like an answer to my prayers. You make me understand that I am not a mistake, God can use me, He has a plan for me and I’m never alone. I will pray for you, for God to use you.

In total, Armando gave 7 talks to more than 200 children and teens, and over 30 adults. Additionally, he taught an evangelism seminar to 40 members of a local church. He hopes to return in the future to continue equipping Romanians to share their faith.

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