Emma heard about an evangelism training day at her local church for July. She didn’t necessarily know many of the speakers, but one seminar title stood out: “How to Reach Your Relatives.” She registered, knowing exactly the relative she so desperately wanted to reach. Though she walked in her own relationship with God, her husband did not. He had told her that he had too many questions to believe. He didn’t understand how a person could actually know that the Jesus of the Bible was God Himself. Hurting for his salvation, his wife waited for the day of the training.

Finally, the July Saturday arrived, and Emma made her way to an empty seat in Dr. Larry Moyer’s classroom. She listened intently, almost hoping for a practical step-by-step way to convince her husband to trust Christ. Instead she heard Dr. Moyer’s words, “Sometimes, you need to pray for God to bring someone else in addition to you to witness to your unsaved relative.” Despite other powerful points in the seminar, God laid that one truth on her heart. Emma resolved to obey the leading in her spirit. She even told Dr. Moyer himself of the conviction she felt to pray that prayer.

Every single day following the seminar, Emma prayed, “God, please bring someone else to witness to my husband.” Every single day, she claimed His faithfulness. Weeks passed until a late August Sunday morning service when she and Noah, her husband sat in the same church. The pastor walked to the platform and asked the congregation to share their testimonies with those sitting behind them. Praise God that he did!

The couple sitting in front of them turned around to meet. Before any introduction, Noah said, “I’m not really comfortable with this, because I’m not a Christian.” His wife, hearing his confession, then looked up to see who turned around. Her husband, unknowing of who was sitting in front of them, was opening up about his spiritual life to Dr. Moyer himself! Emma hugged Dr. Moyer’s neck, and asked him if he remembered meeting her at the seminar where she told him that she would pray for someone else to witness to her husband. Of course, he did! She then said, “This is Noah! This is my husband!” The man who inspired the “someone else” prayer for the husband actually was the someone else whom God set aside!

Dr. Moyer smiled and shook the man’s hand, seeing God’s obvious, Sovereign fingertips over the situation, even over where they sat that morning! He praised Noah for having a wife who so clearly loved him. Dr. Moyer then asked if would join him for lunch the following Tuesday so that they could sort through the confusing questions keeping him from a relationship with God. Noah agreed!

They met two days later, and God spoke truth into her husband’s heart, detangling every doubt. They talked through his questions and hesitations. Noah even confirmed a monthly meeting, so that they could talk more about his position with God.

His wife—so obedient to her King—prayed for someone else to share Christ with her husband because of an evangelism seminar. God—ever-faithful to His children—orchestrated the “someone else” to be the very person who taught the seminar! Praise God for His faithfulness in giving opportunities and praise God for His faithfulness in answering prayers!

*The names Noah and Emma were used in place of the real names of those in this story.