A Distinctive Approach

In 1973, God burdened a young Dallas Theological Seminary graduate to start an evangelistic association to champion the gospel with a commitment to three distinctives:

  • A clear presentation of the gospel;
  • A careful handling of Scripture; and
  • A core doctrine of grace.

Armed with a passion for the lost and a mandate from the Lord to share Christ, Larry Moyer created a simple method of sharing the gospel that anyone could learn. His “Bad News/Good News” method has become a trademark of the ministry and caused its impact to soar.

Evangelism Training

Throughout the 1980’s, EvanTell’s impact from crusades continued, but churches who were hungering to be evangelistic in their everyday walk asked Larry Moyer to capture his passion and message in a way that could be used anytime and anywhere. As a result, EvanTell developed the You Can Tell It! and You Can Preach It! Seminars which capture our three distinctives: sharing the gospel with clarity, scriptural accuracy, and from a grace perspective.

In the 1990’s, the interest in EvanTell’s clear and simple gospel approach continued to gain tremendous momentum. The ministry implemented a train-the-trainer multiplication model by certifying instructors to teach the You Can Tell It! Seminar. The new model began to boost EvanTell’s reach exponentially and the ministry quickly became worldwide in scope with the publication and translation of the "May I Ask You a Question?" gospel tract.


During the early 2000’s, Larry challenged the ministry’s Board of Directors to help him ensure that the ministry would live well beyond him and to continue boldly declaring the gospel according to the core principles God burdened him with in 1973.

God has honored that request. Through the generous support of individuals, churches, and foundations who are committed to declaring the gospel through grace-filled methods and resources, the scope and impact of the ministry has exploded.

And now, in-depth training seminars—live, DVD, and online—workbooks, tracts, and innovative evangelism resources are just a slice of EvanTell, yet these resources provide the fuel for the actual ministry that takes place all around the world.

EvanTell is training a constantly growing network of evangelism instructors, mentoring entire churches on church growth by conversion, and activating believers of all ages, walks, and cultures to boldly declare the gospel.