Who cares about your testimony, anyway? You might be surprised!

When I was a new believer, I was shy about sharing my testimony or talking about spiritual things. However, the Lord in His goodness sent someone to ask me about my journey in a library of all places!

As I returned a book on prayer, the librarian stopped me. I’d had many conversations with her, but few pertaining to spiritual things. That day, holding up the book on prayer, she asked me. “What do you get out of a book like this anyway?”   

Sometimes, there are more opportunities to share our stories than we realize! I’ve put together a list of ideas for sharing your “3-minute” testimony. Pick the one most relevant to you and give it a try!

  1. Any invitation you receive to tell your personal background in front of a group of your peers in any church group. Often a short and authentic testimony encourages people to ask more questions than they would to another person giving a 30-minute testimony.
  2. Every single person in your family. You think they know, but unless you have told them they absolutely Do. Not. Know. Tell them all. Trust the Lord to have put you in the family that is supposed to hear this story from you.
  3. Lunch or coffee with a friend.  Ask your friend if she is interested in spiritual things. If she says, “Yes,” ask her to tell you about it. It will be really interesting! If she asks you the same, then share your testimony as you describe your life experience.
  4. Sometimes when you visit someone in the hospital it is not the time to talk at all.  But, sometimes people want to talk about important things. If so, it will be natural to talk about spiritual things and ask about their spiritual journey, then you can share yours. Ask if you can pray for your friend before you leave, and visit again or when they go home. 
  5. Bolt your testimony onto a conversation with a school aged son or daughter. Don’t make your testimony about your behavior — make it about your character or condition before your decision and what it meant.  Tell them how your closeness to God increased as you learned more, prayed, read the Bible, and talked with wise, mature Christian friends.  If they have not heard the gospel, tell them. If they have heard it, but not trusted Christ, tell them again.
  6. Tell the guy who cuts your hair. He likely welcomes encouraging conversation. Just ask if he’d like to know how you ended up in his chair!
  7.  The chatty person next to you on the plane. Ask where she’s going and why. That should start the conversation. If you have a chance to tell her your testimony, be ready with a willing heart for more discussion.
  8. Tell neighbors, as you get to know each other over a meal.  Ask about their background, their spiritual interests, and hopes for their family’s future. It is possible that you can share your testimony along the way. You don’t have to make it long. Sometimes 3 minutes is all you need. 
  9. Waiting at the airport and talking with a soldier. Give a soldier some bucks for lunch. We owe them. And, if you have the chance, share your testimony.
  10. At a family gathering or reunion, in a quiet moment with someone you’ve not seen in a long time. Say, “Let’s catch up!” and go from there.

Ask Him to send someone to YOU and He will do it!

Editor's Note: This article is adapted from a post that ran in May 2017.