Some time ago a friend and I were discussing one of his recent evangelism opportunities and I gave him a suggestion for the future.

“How did you learn that?” he asked.

Having spent more than forty years in evangelism, there are little things I’ve learned along the way, simply by experience, that make a big difference.

With that in mind, I felt the burden to pull several tips together in a way that would help other believers. That growing burden soon produced 101 Tips For Evangelism.

As you read this book, my hope is that you will learn those little things that make a big difference. My tips relate to different areas like the importance of recognizing that evangelism is God’s work, preparing your heart to share the gospel, understanding your audience, speaking truth in love etc.

I also encourage you to learn the balance between rushing the conversation yet not delaying the gospel, how the painful experiences of death can actually open up opportunities for the gospel, and more.

I can promise you that each one of these tips carefully digested and practiced will not only increase your know-how in evangelism but also your consistency.

Quite honestly the majority of these tips are not ones I could have shared years ago. They have been learned through experience—times when I have felt I did something well and also times when I realized what I could have done better. What we learn from experience helps us become more effective witnesses for Christ.

I pray that you would not only thoroughly digest the book yourself, but use it in a small group study where you can discuss four to six tips at a time. The interaction and group feedback will not only help you master a tip, but help you benefit from the experiences of others, as well.

May God use this book to sharpen your skills and abilities in evangelism!