The holiday season covers six weeks, but can be captured in one word. Opportunity!

At Christmas, non-Christians are more God-minded than at any other time of the year. On the religious side, Christmas shouts the birth of Christ and causes many to wonder, “Was He the One He said He was?”

Others are reminded of the emptiness of life. The excitement and happiness felt during the holiday season so quickly evaporates. Still others are dreading the holidays because it’s the first holiday season without a mate, family member, best friend, or close neighbor.

These reasons cause unbelievers to be more sensitive to spiritual things. How do we maximize the holiday season so it counts for eternity? How can the holiday season be used as prime time evangelism?

  1. Give a meaningful gift to the neighbor who took care of your mail and newspaper while you were on vacation last summer. A gift may open up a conversation about the Giver of all good gifts (James 1:17).
  2. Take a plate of cookies to your auto mechanic, hardware store personnel, or hairdresser. A gift you extend to him or her may afford you a chance to tell about a gift He extends.
  3. Make cold paper warm. Enclose a tract with your Christmas card and a note that says, "We want to share a booklet with you that explains the most meaningful experience we've ever had—one that took place in our family about eight Christmases ago." Make sure it is attractive and presents the gospel clearly.
  4. Make the holidays bearable even when you can't make them happy. Do you know someone who's going through their first holiday season without a loved one? Prepare them a home cooked meal, help them put up or take down Christmas lights, or take them to the mall or the tree farm with you. By grieving with them, you may have a chance to tell them about the One who grieved about His friend’s passing (cf. Story of Lazarus; John 11).
  5. Invite others into your home for a Christmas or New Year's party. Use the holidays to boldly tell non-Christians that what excites you the most is not what is under the tree, but the One who made the tree.
  6. Go caroling in the neighborhood and take along some gift baskets. Keep it informal and festive. Contacts now may allow for conversations later, and ultimately lead to conversions.
  7. Help your church sponsor a gift-wrapping service for the community. Wrapping gifts free of charge may offer you the opportunity to tell unbelievers about the One who wrapped His gift to us (eternal life through Jesus Christ) free of charge.
  8. Invite non‐Christians to join you for a special Christmas presentation at your school, in your church, or on your TV. A talk about the program could end up being a talk about spiritual things.
  9. Talk to coworkers about your favorite holiday traditions and memories and ask about theirs.  As the Lord provides the opportunity, boldly tell others of the impact He has made on your past, present, and future.
  10. When you hear about that “day after" sale, take an unbeliever with you. A remark about the parties that are over, may allow you to transition into a party that will culminate in the presence of the King.