From foreign rulers invading his home to keeping company with lions, the life of Daniel showcases God’s sovereign control. As the book of Daniel begins, King Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem and takes many of the young men back to Babylon, including Daniel.

Fast forward a few thousand years and we may not all face lions or invasion, but we do still struggle with a chaotic world.

How can believers learn from Daniel’s actions?

1.) Daniel didn’t hide his faith, but stood by his convictions. Daniel lived a life characterized by devotion to God despite the risks. When the captives arrived in Babylon, most appeared to at least outwardly go along with the dictates of this new rule. But Daniel “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Dan. 1:8).

Late in his life, governors and satraps convinced King Darius to command everyone in the kingdom to offer prayers only to the king. Those who violated the ruling were to be cast into a lion’s den. Daniel again stood by his convictions and is described in the New Testament as one who “stopped the mouths of lions” (Heb. 11:33).

As believers, our faith and convictions matter, leaving a legacy long after we’ve come and gone. Just as Daniel’s story has inspired people throughout the ages, so our example can inspire upcoming generations to proclaim and live out God’s truth.

2.) Daniel interacted with the culture in a wise manner. When called upon to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream concerning a statue, Daniel used the opportunity to point the king to God (Dan. 2:27–30).

As believers, choose to “walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time” (Col. 4:5). Let us make the most of the opportunities and time God has given us to point others to Him through the gospel message.

3.) Daniel acknowledged God’s sovereignty and control. The entire book illustrates how God orchestrates every circumstance (cf. Dan. 2:20–22), both during Daniel’s life as well as in prophesied events in the centuries that follow.

As believers, not only can we put our confidence in a sovereign God, we can boldly proclaim our confidence in Jesus Christ, as well as His desire for others to place their trust in Him.