I’ve been doing evangelism ministry for over 40 years, and I’ve never seen a time where people were more approachable to the gospel. A while back, I was talking with a man who headed up one of our Wild Game Feast outreach events about this very idea.

Interestingly, he told me how he spoke to his college and career group and mentioned to them that there’s obviously always fear in evangelism. Sometimes fear comes because we expect certain reactions from people that never happen. He went on to stress how people actually seem to want to talk about spiritual things. They simply want to be approached in the right way. By that, he meant that people will be most interested in what you want to tell them when you exhibit these three characteristics:

1.  a Caring Spirit

2.  an Attitude of Grace

3.  Genuine Concern

I couldn’t agree more. I often tell people that it’s not that others don’t want to be approached. They simply want to be approached in the right way. Sometimes when people seem uninterested, it’s because they feel like Christianity is being “jammed down their throat.” That type of method rarely ever works. But when people sense sincerity about you, it’s amazing how open they are to talking. As you converse, it’s easy to find one way or another to talk about spiritual things, and ultimately the gospel. In our day when people fear cancer, terrorism, and the uncertainty about the economy, they’ve become even more open to spiritual things.

I encourage every believer I meet to simply begin a conversation with non-Christians with the objective of hopefully talking to them about Christ. Take it one step at a time and show your genuine concern for them as a person. When they sense they’ve met a friend, they might be interested in talking about your Friend!