Brazil is known for many things: coffee, rainforests, beaches, and certainly soccer. Christ the Redeemer, one of The Seven Wonders of the World, stands atop Mount Corcovado overlooking Rio. Completed in 1931, this impressive statue stands 98 feet tall with arms spanning 92 feet and remains visible from anywhere in the city. Spiritually speaking, Brazil is a very religious country, but many practice syncretism and experience confusion on the true nature of Christ.

As we head into the Summer Olympic ceremonies, keep Brazil in your prayers, as well as our ministry partners and five certified instructors in Brazil using our curriculum and materials to share the clear and simple gospel message.

Master Certified Instructor Roberto de Lucia recently shared three prayer requests with us:

  • The country is undergoing a severe political crisis. Our elected president is suffering an impeachment process because of corruption. Most people are against the Olympic Games in Brazil as it appears to have been just a way to create more opportunities for corruption.
  • Brazil has never been a target for terrorists but recently a group of Brazilians connected to the ISIS has been discovered. People are now afraid that the Olympic Games will draw the attention to Brazil and terrorists will attack the country.
  • Many mission trips are headed to Brazil to evangelize during the Olympics. Please pray that this will be a great opportunity and many will be saved. Please pray for the safety of these teams as well.