Easter has sometimes been likened to the “Super Bowl of church attendance.” People who don't often come to church but are interested in spiritual things tend to show up in high numbers.

Thom Rainer, President & CEO of Lifeway Christians Resources, summarizes it this way on his blog:

“More inactive and less active church members attend, often to make their annual token appearance. The attendance growth is therefore the result of most of the church members showing up at the same time.”

Don’t assume, however, that “religious people” automatically have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some may have never heard a clear gospel presentation. Others may be people from the community who are curious about Christianity. Still others may have trusted Christ alone as Savior but need help growing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your last-minute preparations.

1. Offer evangelism training for your volunteers and/or church members.

Consider utilizing EvanTell’s free, online training. Our “Act Personal Evangelism” equips believers to share the gospel clearly and simply whenever the opportunity arises.  Our “Seedlings Child Evangelism” training offers specialized instruction for leading a child to Christ.

Feel free to utilize our “Family Devotional Guide for Easter,” which walks through explaining the gospel in a simple devotional format.

2. Make sure your church is welcoming for visitors.

Does your facility need any cleaning or landscaping touch ups? Do you have extra volunteers? Are the service times correct on your website and Facebook page? Be sure to consider everything from parking arrangements to teacher/student class ratios for increased attendance.

3. Mention ways for people to get connected.

During your announcement time in the Easter service, let people know how they can connect with your church. Perhaps mention a specific study that is starting up or an opportunity to join a community group. Let them know about your next sermon series (or mention your current one).

4. Develop a Follow-up Strategy.

Make sure you have visitor welcome cards and decide now how you will follow up with people who visit your church.

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