We have a number of people who attend EvanTell’s training who are unsure of their own salvation. They desire to tell others about Christ, but deep down wonder if they truly know Him themselves.

Children’s Ministry Director Melissa Rowe was one of those people:

I grew up being taught all about Jesus, but I really wondered if I were saved. But I knew, even though I had doubts about my eternal destiny, that I wanted to serve Christ. I decided to attend a class from EvanTell. During that class, they laid out just a very clear method through Scripture of telling people how you become a Christian. I also was able to understand that my eternal security was found in Him, that my salvation truly was found in Christ, and that I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

I now have a passion for helping new believers understand this fact. I want them to have the security in Christ that enables them to grow and serve under grace rather than works.

Melissa’s story is not uncommon. Here is a testimony from one of our partners in Southern Asia who trains hundreds of students each year:

Our students come from a variety of denominations. While many affirm that salvation comes by God’s grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, most believe that assurance comes through doing good works and the fact that you have stopped smoking, drinking, etc. In other words, they believe you must rely on good works to keep your salvation. One strength of EvanTell’s training is its emphasis on grace before AND AFTER salvation, that the only One that saves you and keeps you saved is Christ alone. Salvation is a gift that God does not revoke.

Please continue to pray for EvanTell as we declare the gospel and activate believers by giving them the tools to share Christ with others, as well as the assurance in Christ that provides the basis and boldness for their outreach.