Many churches and their leaders want to grow by conversion. But there is one thing killing their evangelism--busyness.

How does busyness hinder evangelistic efforts? In two ways that are so clear we need what Winston Churchill once called, “The genius to recognize the obvious.”

  1. Busyness drains our time reservoir. Believers have one thing in common with everyone else—a finite amount of time. It takes time to train people in evangelism, solicit help with evangelistic efforts, put together promotional materials, advertise events, and follow up with new believers. Even just Inviting a non-Christian to join you for dinner takes time.

    Sometimes church activities, even though good, occupy so much of our schedules that there is little time left for investing in evangelism. And frankly, because people often dread sharing their faith, they will gravitate toward these other church activities by default.
  2. Busyness drains our energy. Even the most energetic believers only have so much energy. Busyness causes tiredness to set in even quicker, frequently limiting evangelism efforts. Often, while working with churches, leaders say to me, “That outreach would have been a lot more effective if we had not scheduled so many others things near the same time. Our people are tired.”

Busyness is not necessarily a bad sign. But, we must ask: “Are we busy about the right things?” If you want people to give time and energy to evangelism, what else are you currently asking them to do?