I have the privilege of speaking in so many, many churches every year. I’ve discovered there are two kinds of churches. There’s a congregation-minded one, and there’s a community-minded one. The difference is rather simple. A congregation-minded church looks inward, and a community-minded church looks outward.

Let’s break that down even further. Here’s what happens:

  • A congregation-minded church grows primarily by transfer. In other words, people moving from one church to another.
  • A community-minded church will also grow by conversion. They lead people to Christ who become growing believers.

Further, churches that make it a priority to focus on their communities tend to have 5 common characteristics:

  1. Its leaders are visionaries, not wanting to accept the status quo
  2. Views Bible teaching as a means, not the goal
  3. Its purpose drives its programs
  4. Appreciates its past, but envisions its future
  5. Respects those who do not share its vision and recognize that it can’t be the church for everyone

I believe God wants our churches to be community-minded. Frankly, there’s no healthier congregation than one that is concerned about unbelievers. Seeing them come to Christ and grow as disciples can be one of the healthiest things any congregation can experience. 

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