People talk about the end of the world, whether it be in movies, books, or simply conversations. But sometimes we forget the potential this topic has to enhance our own personal walk with Christ and our witness to others. 

It gives us eternal perspective. Living with end time events in mind reminds us it’s all about people not things. Things pass, people don’t. I’ll never forget the time a person said to me, “Everyone you meet is going to live forever. The only question is where. What are you doing to make the difference?” In 1 Thessalonians 1:5–10, Paul talks about how the anticipation of the Lord’s return motivates believers. That realization keeps us focused on telling others about Him.

It allows us to approach people with comfort, hope, and peace while they are filled with worry, fear, and hopelessness. We are talking to people who need what we have found and this allows us to explain that this need can only be met through a person— Jesus Christ. When we’re rightly related to Him, we’ll be right side up as the world turns upside down.

Witnessing is one way we exalt Him as we will one day do in heaven. When we focus on end time events, the vivid worship imagery in Revelation comes to mind. In heaven, we’ll worship the  Lamb (Rev. 4–5).  Inviting others to join in this adoration brings glory to God.

If you let it, conversations about end time events will change both you and the person to whom you talk.