Today is EvanTell's 43rd birthday! Stepping out in faith, I signed the incorporation papers to make EvanTell an official tax-exempt ministry on April 5th, 1973. I started this ministry because I was convicted by the Lord that there had to be an evangelistic ministry characterized by the clarity of the gospel, the careful handling of Scripture, and grace.

As our ministry began to grow from that day forward, we refused to waiver from those truths. To this day, we continue to believe, teach, and train others to always share Christ clearly and simply, we work to keep our message biblically accurate, and we equip each believer to evangelize out of grace, not guilt. 

We constantly pray that God will do something that defies human explanation, and He has honored that request in EvanTell. He has done more than we could have asked or imagined that April 5th, 1973 day.

Today, 4.7 people are hearing the gospel every minute as a result of this ministry. To God be all the glory!