All non-profits have them, some make a big splash, some are a steady stream, and others are an occasional drop, but each meet a need and fulfill a purpose. They are our donors, contributors, philanthropists, backers, champions, givers of gifts; whatever name we call them, they are the core of the ministry. Without them, we could not do what we have been called to do — share the gospel, clearly and simply.

We are thankful for each and every gift donors bring to EvanTell. Here are some of the gifts you, our donors bring to the ministry:

Prayers – Not a week goes by that we don’t hear from a donor telling us they are praying for us. Prayers for the ministry keep us going. Hearing that you pray for us daily, weekly, monthly means the world to us. Keep it up! Likewise, we like to know how we as a staff can pray for you. Each Tuesday morning we gather to do just that! (Sign up here to receive prayer requests from EvanTell twice a month.)

Networking – Not only do you support the ministry, but you introduce the ministry to those in your network of friends, co-workers, mission or bible study groups and churches. We are honored that you would want to share what the Lord is doing through EvanTell with those in your circles. If you haven’t introduced us to your friends yet, please do. We’d love to meet them.

Encouragement – Thank you for your visits to the office, calls, emails, notes, and Facebook messages of encouragement. Sometimes it may be a note telling us about someone you just led to the Lord, or a mission trip you’ve been on where you saw God work in a mighty way. We are encouraged by each and every one of you and the comments and stories you share.

Be a Host – Many of our donors have served as hosts for a table at our Annual Luncheon, have hosted a donor briefing for a small group over lunch, others have hosted an evangelism training for their Bible Study or small group. Thank you for being great hosts! 

Expertise – We have gleaned valuable information and knowledge from many donors in their area of expertise — from business practices, Board development, legal advice, and financial wisdom. Everyone is good at something and we are thankful that you have shared what you do best with us so that we can learn from you.

Dollars – Your dollars enable us to share the hope of the gospel through many means (print and digital), to many people, in many places. Your generosity and the generosity of those who have gone before you

We are thankful to the Lord for His great provision. We know that it is because of Him that any of this is possible.

Thank you for ALL you give to EvanTell!