Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

Though brief, Jesus words to Andrew and Peter are profound. Consisting of a command followed by a promise, they dispel three common misconceptions about evangelism.

First of all, Jesus highlights the fact that evangelism and discipleship are connected. Too often, churches view the two as separate. Jesus makes it clear that following (discipleship) and fishing (evangelism) go hand in hand. Like two strands of DNA that intertwine, evangelism and discipleship are meant to go together for the glory of God and the growth of the church.

Second, Jesus made it clear that the disciples themselves would fish for people. Often believers think that evangelism is about inviting others to an event so that someone else can present the gospel, or bring their pastor along as the “hired gun” to share Christ with a person. Christ makes it clear that He intends for disciples to fish.

Finally, Jesus emphasizes that “fishers of men” are made, not born. Some think that those who should share the gospel are born with the right personality, skill set, and makeup for the task. However, Jesus’ disciples were ordinary men. They started with nothing but Him, but He was all they needed. The same is true for us today. He is able to take our ordinary abilities and do something extraordinary, connecting people to their Creator through the gospel.

If we are willing to follow, He is willing to make us fishers of men. What a privilege, walking hand in hand with Jesus everyday as we make Him known to others. This is the very essence of EvanTell as we are used by God to equip and encourage believers to fish for people as they follow Jesus.