Distractions can be a big problem. In regards to evangelism, they can cause an entire church to become inward-focused. They can also cause individuals to become detoured in their witness for Christ.


What often distracts believers in their personal evangelism and how can those distractions be avoided?


1. Materialism—living for things becomes more important than reaching people. Remind yourself you can only take people with you when you die. Those you have led to Christ will join you in heaven. You will leave anything material behind. Use your things to reach people by sharing possessions with others or using a house as a base to evangelize.


2. Family—time with family becomes an excuse for not spending time with unbelievers. Our families matter, but they are not the only ones that matter. Besides, demonstrating a concern for non-Christian neighbors and reaching out to them is one of the greatest examples we can give to our children.


3. Business—there is no time for contacts and conversations with non-Christians. God wants you to control the clock, not have the clock control you.


4. Christian work—we can spend so much time with believers that we have no time for non-Christians. We may need to decrease our involvement in the first area in order to increase our involvement in the other. We can also choose to include non-Christians in our time with other Christians. There is nothing wrong with recognizing that “I don’t have lots of time for non-Christians.” There is everything wrong with saying, “I don’t have any time for non-Christians.” Be an example to other believers.


5. Television and sports—relaxation is so important there is no time to spend with non-Christians. Relaxation is important, and every believer needs it. Watching TV programs or participating in sports activities with a non-Christian can serve as a bridge to the gospel. You do not always have to take time out of your schedule for non-Christians; you can work them into your schedule.


Live your life from eternity backward. Ask yourself, “When I stand before the Lord what will I wish had been the most important things in my life?” Whatever they are going to be, make those important now so when you stand before the Lord there will be no regrets.

Editor's Note: This post is adapted from an article in The Evangelism Study Bible.