Note: Dr. Haddon Robinson, Larry’s longtime friend and mentor went to be with the Savior on July 22, 2017. Not only was he a friend and mentor to Larry, he was instrumental in the founding of EvanTell back in 1973.

No professor impacted me more at Dallas Theological Seminary than Haddon Robinson. As my main preaching professor, he taught me what it means to preach the text.

He once made a statement that had a tremendous impact upon me.  He said, “When you say “Thus saith the Lord” you better be right because that is an awesome claim.” 

He made it clear that God has not promised to bless our words; He has only promised to bless His. Therefore, as God burdened me to found EvanTell, I wanted it to be known as a ministry not only committed to a clear presentation of the gospel but a careful handling of Scripture.

In addition to that, Haddon was one of the first ones through whom I came to understand the doctrine of grace, and it was through both his example and his exhortation. He modeled grace in front of me. Words cannot adequately explain the impact he had upon my life, preaching, spiritual growth, and ministry.    

He served on EvanTell’s Board of Directors for 25 years. He was the one God used to get my evangelistic speaking started in 1973 when he wrote a letter to all the graduates of Dallas Seminary encouraging them to use my ministry. I immediately received over 20 invitations and kept getting them years later.

Whenever I had a question about Scripture or the “how to” of ministry, he was usually the first person I consulted. I must’ve thanked him hundreds of times for everything he meant to me and to EvanTell.

My thoughts and prayers as well as those of our staff are with Bonnie, Vicki, and Torrey during this time of adjustment. May they experience the Lord’s sustaining grace in a special way. We will miss him greatly, but look forward to that day when we will see him again in the presence of the King. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

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