From the ministry of the Holy Spirit to baptism to overcoming fear, the book of Acts takes a look at several themes relevant to evangelism today. We’re taking a look at some of these topics over the next few weeks on the blog and in social media (#EvangelisminActs).

Luke wrote the book of Acts to show how the early Christians, empowered by the Holy Spirit, continued Jesus’ earthly ministry after His departure. Acts recounts the spread of the gospel as the disciples obeyed Christ’s Great Commission (see Luke 24:46–48; Acts 1:8) and describes God’s blessings on their efforts.

The remarkable transformation of the disciples in Acts 2 enabled them to declare the gospel with power. The church was first established in Jerusalem (Chs. 1–7), extended into all of Judea and Samaria (Chs. 8–12), and finally reached the greater Gentile world (Chs. 13–28).

Christ’s commission encourages us in our evangelism efforts to begin with our own neighborhoods (our Jerusalem) and to have a vision to do whatever we can to expand the gospel message throughout the world. The acts of Christ’s early followers inspire us to share the gospel everywhere, knowing that just as God blessed the evangelistic efforts of the early church, He will use our efforts to reach people around us.

Join us as we dive more in depth!