Note: Since Mother’s Day is almost here, we’ve posted the following article from The Evangelism Study Bible for reflection.

Deborah, the fourth of the 12 people God used to deliver Israel and the only female judge, was one of the greatest leaders of in the Old Testament. She exhibited several godly characteristics that should encourage anyone who wants to lead in evangelism.

1. She was called a “mother in Israel” (Judges 5:7), not only because of her position but because of the trust and respect she had among the people. She earned that trust and respect through the integrity and style of her leadership. The way you lead should encourage people to follow you in evangelism.

2. Whether as a homemaker, counselor, judge, or deliverer of her people, she does it with excellence. Whatever you do in evangelism, whether training others or designing evangelistic outreaches, do it with excellence.

3. Her passion for the Lord and His people inspired others to have confidence in her (Judges 4:8, 14). Your enthusiasm for the Lord and unbelievers should be contagious.

4. She did not try to go it alone. She knew the importance of others and their minds and abilities. She summoned Barak from his home in Kadish and told him exactly what the Lord had commanded him to do (Judges 4:6–7, 10). Involve others in your evangelism efforts knowing that their giftedness, wisdom, and ideas will be helpful.

5. She depended on the Lord and His strength rather than her ability and convinced Barak that the Lord was the one who would deliver the enemy into their hands (Judges 4:14). Evangelism is a God-size job that will only be accomplished through His power, not yours.

6. She did not take the credit for her own victories but gave the credit to the Lord (Judges 5). Always recognize that only the Lord can cause people to see their sinfulness and need of a Savior (see John 6:44).

7. Deborah was characterized by actions, not merely words. She acted upon what she knew (Judges 4:9). As you stress to others the importance of evangelism, be careful that you are evangelizing as well.

8. She used her gift of prophecy in leadership (Judges 4:9, 21). You may have the gift of evangelism, or you may have the gift of mercy, administration, or teaching. Whatever your gifts, God wants to use them in leading others in evangelism.