I stress to people that taking advantage of your opportunities in evangelism pertains to what fits your personal situation. Each one of us has our own set of circumstances.  We need to look at those and ask the simple question, “Where are my opportunities for the gospel?”

Over the years, I’ve found my best opportunities come in three areas: my neighborhood, sports, and traveling.

In terms of my neighborhood, Tammy and I often invite neighbors over for dinner. There, in the privacy of our home, we often discuss spiritual things and explain the gospel to our friends. Being a minister is often an advantage because people then expect me to bring up the subject.

My three favorite sports are hunting, exercising, and water skiing (in that order). When participating in these activities with like-minded enthusiasts, I’ve found that they will open up with me about spiritual topics in a way they would not likely do in front of their own families.

Traveling-wise, I do a lot of flying, and I have found that while flying high above the ground we tend to be more aware of our lack of control. That insecurity often causes people to be open to spiritual discussions. So, I ask God to place me next to someone who needs to hear the gospel. Though many people are receptive to conversation, I do find the sooner I start talking with them the better. Otherwise, they are likely to get out their computers and their headphones and the opportunity is lost.

Your opportunities are different than mine but each of us should look at our own schedules and ask, “Where are my opportunities for the gospel?” Then, with those opportunities in mind, ask God to give us the boldness to take advantage of them.

[This article originally appeared here on larrymoyer.com]

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