When it comes to evangelism, do you find yourself apathetic toward unbelievers? You're not alone! Many believers struggle to evangelize on a consistent basis. 

Here are some helpful suggestions for getting out of the apathy rut: 

  1. Purchase EvanTell’s 31 days with the Master Fisherman and meditate on God’s approach to evangelism once a day.
  2. Immerse yourself in the Gospel of John for one month, reading a chapter a day. As you do so, take note of Christ's compassion for all people as He moves among them. Then ask God to make your heart more like His.
  3. Pray for five non-Christians regularly asking God to use whomever and whatever He needs to bring them to Himself.
  4. In a tangible way, such as a tract or conversation, reach out to one unbeliever each week, attempting to share the Gospel in verbal or printed form.
  5. Choose an accountability partner that will ask you each month, “In what way have you reached out to non-Christians this month?”
  6. To obtain Biblical and solid training in evangelism, use EvanTell’s online trainingattend an evangelism seminar, or purchase one of our many books or DVD’s on evangelism.
  7. Since your heart follows your money, (cf. Matt. 6:2), invest a portion of your monthly giving into evangelism.
  8. Develop a friendship with a fellow believer who’s excited about reaching unbelievers. Ask him to pray for you and encourage you.
  9. Examine your activities and make certain that something you are doing on a regular basis involves being around non-Christians.
  10. Make a list of the things that will matter in your life one hundred years from now when you’re in the presence of God. Look at the list daily and it’ll remind you that the only thing you can take with you to heaven is a friend.