Question: How do I help my child who is uncertain of her salvation?


All children have struggles, but nothing bothers a concerned parent more than a child struggling over whether or not she’s saved. The frustration increases when the parents are unsure of how to help their child.

Understanding what’s happening helps. Many children question their salvation because they doubt the validity of an “experience” they had when they were younger. It may have been walking an aisle, talking to a counselor, or any one of a number of things. As the child grows, so does her mind. He looks back and begins to wonder if she understood what she was doing or whether she was sincere. When she goes to her parents for help, they may compound the problem by reminding her of what she did and even assuring her that she was sincere. The problem is that what seems clear in their minds is still not clear in hers. Besides, children should not base their assurance on their parents’ memory.

To help children, parents would be wise to forget the past and simply guide their child in finding biblical answers to two questions. The first is, Do you now understand the gospel? In Acts 28:26, Paul tells us that there are some not saved simply because they do not understand. Discuss with the child whether she now understands that Christ as her perfect substitute took the punishment for her sins, died on the cross, and then arose from the grave. For that reason, God is now asking each sinner to trust Christ as his only way to heaven.

Are you depending on Christ alone right now to get you to heaven? is the second question. The gospel of John says, “He that believeth on me hath everlasting life” (John 6:47). God is not concerned about the date that happened. If anyone is depending on Christ as the only way to heaven, she is a child of God regardless of the date that eternal transaction took place. Don’t pressure a child with a date in history she cannot relive or the events of which she cannot be absolutely certain.

A child who is worrying whether or not she is saved is going through something healthy. If she is saved, it is important she know why; if she isn’t, she needs to settle the matter of his salvation and be eternally His. Knowing how to help her ask the right questions and determine in her own mind where she is in relation to God and give her the assurance she is seeking.